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A place for me to ramble about my art and crafting exploits.

The First Post Dilemma

The first post of a blog should be momentous, and interesting enough that anyone who reads it will want to come back for more.  This, however, has caused me no end of worry about what to post.

Do I jump straight in with a tutorial?  Or show you around my work station?  Or review my favourite crafty goodies?  All of these are things I have planned for this blog, along with many others.  I want to show you my design process, such that it is.  I want to reveal my crafting triumphs, and share my failures.  I want to give you gift suggestions at Christmas and Valentines.  I want to show you the things I make for myself.

I have all these plans and ideas.  But, as you may soon come to learn, I quite often have lots of plans and ideas for a venture.  More often than not they all get bottle-necked in my brain to the point that I have no idea where to begin.

So, instead of attempting to wow my new readers, I’m taking a different approach.  I will delight and interest and inspire and astonish you with posts to come, but for now my aim has been to intrigue you enough to return another day.


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