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Random Craft Quiz – Part 2

Here’s the next part of that random craft quiz I started last week:

11) Are you a yarn snob?

Absolutely not!  My favourite yarn ever is Red Heart Super Saver, which is from America.  They don’t sell it in this country (UK) though, so you have to buy lots and lots at a time to make the shipping worth it.  Not that I have a problem with that, but I can rarely afford it.  My second favourite, and my go-to yarn, is Stylecraft Special – an acrylic double knit yarn that comes in sooooooo many colours.

12) What was the last yarn you purchased?

I’m trying to stash-bust this year, so I haven’t been buying yarn.  Aside from some insanely gorgeous yarn from Twinkly Knits that I bought my friend for his birthday.  Very pretty.  I don’t have a picture, but you should go look at the Facebook page and see all the lovely goodies.

13) What is the last crafting related purchase you made?

Ink stuff.  I got given a dip pen for my birthday and it pushed me right over the edge into a fountain pen/inks/lettering obsession – you can read all about that here.

14) How often do you keep a project you’ve made?

I have always had trouble giving things away.  If I was deliberately making something for someone, it wasn’t a problem.  But there are crafters who will make something, then just decide to give it away.  I can not do that.  I actually started this store because I was making many many things, and running out of places to put them.  Now it’s probably about 30/70 – 30% for me, and 70% for the store and gifts.

15) What is your work-space like?

Too small.  But then I have a suspicion that no matter how big it was, I’d expand to fill it and then find it too small anyway.  I will do a work-space tour blog at some point.

16) Where do you do most of your crafting?

At my desk, or in my armchair.  I’m a homebody, I don’t go out a lot.

17) How would you describe your crafting style?

Bright and wonky.  Most of my bits, especially my plushies, are ever so slightly not-quite-right.

18) What aspect of your craft would you most like to improve?

Fitting everything in.  Every so often I’ll realise that I haven’t done a particular craft in forever, so I’ll do that non-stop for a couple of days, until I realise that I haven’t done another craft in ages.  I do lots and lots crafts.  It’s hard to keep track.

19) What tool or accessory would you like to acquire next?

I’d really like a Cricut machine, but it’s way beyond my budget.

20) How big is your yarn stash?

I can actually give you an exact figure for this, thanks to the stash busting challenge I’m doing.  206 balls of yarn – that doesn’t include yarn that has is part of a project already.


I’m going to end part 2 here.  No pictures this time, but lots of links for you to investigate.



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