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More About Desert Bus

Remember I told you about Desert Bus?   It was my first time watching, as well as crafting for them, and I have to say it was AMAZING.  159 hours of utter madness and nerdness.  As a human being, I was unable to watch ALL of it, but I’m catching up on the bits I missed on their YouTube channel.

I donated quite a bit of money during the week, although not as much as I’d like to have done.  Now I know why the friends who introduced me to it save all year.  I’ll be doing the same for next year.  Not only is Child’s Play an extraordinary charity and completely worthy of every dollar they receive, but there were some fabulous pieces up for auction and given away on donation drives.

My placemats…


(picture taken by the Desert Bus team)

… were auctioned off towards the end of the run, in an eBay style silent auction that ran for 8 hours.  I watched most of those 8 hours quite closely, refreshing the page over and over again.  I was absolutely ecstatic to see how much they raised.  $444.44    (There was a lot of number-nerdity in Desert Bus).

I’m really proud that someone out there is  (or will soon be) in possession of my work, and I’m ridiculously proud that I raised so much money for Desert Bus and Child’s Play.

Within the first few hours of the run, I started getting ideas for next year’s craftalong.  By the end, I had a hundred ideas and was itching to get started.  I’ll keep you posted 🙂


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