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25 Crafts of Christmas – Day 1

25 Crafts of Christmas is something I’ve wanted to do for a few years, I just tend to forget about it.  I get halfway through December and think “oo, that’d be a good idea”.  Last year I wrote myself a note in my diary for midway through October to start planning it, and then another note for midway through November to ACTUALLY start planning it.

Well here we are, December 1st and guess what?  I actually did it!  I have a list of 25 crafts.  31 actually, because I love crafts and I love Christmas.  Admittedly, days 27-31 aren’t actually planned, they’re just plans to play with the craft bits I’ll be getting for Christmas.  Still, it’s craft.

Day 1 is a button Christmas tree.  I’ve made these before.  In fact, I’ve been selling them at Christmas school fairs for a year or two, and they’re in the ever-increasing pile of things I need to add to the website…


I can’t remember when I got it – or if I got it for myself or if it was a gift – but this has been pinned to my noticeboard for a while now.


So I thought I’d finally get around to making it.

The kit doesn’t come with instructions, but it’s relatively easy to figure out, even if you haven’t made one before.  Here’s a close up of the picture…

2016-11-30 17.35.27.jpg

…and here is the contents of the little pack.


Step 1 – sort the buttons into size order, keeping four of the smallest aside for the trunk.  (And add a needle for ease of threading).

2016-11-30 17.38.44.jpg

Step 2 – Start with the star and thread on all the main buttons starting from the smallest one – don’t forget to leave the trunk for last.


Step 3 – threading through the opposite hole on the button…


…thread back up the tree and pull tight.


Step 4 – tie several knots to keep the piece in place, and then a knot a little bit further up to hang.  Et voila!


And that’s the 1st of 25 Crafts of Christmas.

I plan on writing a blog post a day for this little run, but I’m not going to promise.  I will get all 25 crafts in though 🙂  Hopefully before 2017.



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