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25 Crafts of Christmas – Day 3

Here we are again!  Today I decided to try something I hadn’t done before.  Glue gun snowflakes.  I’ve seen images and videos of these all over the internet for years, but never gotten around to trying one.  Until today!

Step one:

Print off a template and tape to table.


Step two:

Tape baking paper over the top.


Step three:

Locate glitter glue sticks.  You should probably do this first actually, or you might have baking paper taped to your desk for a few days while you wait for delivery.


Step four:

Use the remaining plain glue in your gun by testing the first snowflake.


Step five:

Get giddy when the glitter starts appearing exactly in time for your second snowflake.


Step six:

Trace out another snowflake, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.  (Add more glue sticks as necessary.  You will use more than you think you will).


Step seven:

Move on to a more complicated design.  I taped the stencil and the baking paper to my cutting mat this time, so I could turn the canvas and make it a little easier.


Step eight:

Leave to dry.


Step nine:

Peel from the baking paper.  This should be really easy.

Step ten:

Use scissors to trim off all the strings.


Step eleven:

Admire the sparklies.


It’s quite hard to keep a consistent pressure on the trigger of the glue gun, but it’s important to do. You don’t want to have weak points in your snowflake.  Also. you should probably use smaller scissors than I did to trim off your strings.  You’ll get a neater effect then.







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