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25 Crafts of Christmas – Day 4

Day 4 is relatively simple, because I’m at a craft fair today.  Well, it was supposed to be simple.

I’ve recently become the owner of some circle punches, for various reasons which I will be getting into in the new year.  And so when I was rooting through my ideas folder and came across this picture…


… I thought, Ooo, I can do that.  And so I grabbed my bag of circles…

2016-12-03 16.04.57.jpg

… and dug out all the green ones.  And then I got my box of craft paper and punched myself some more green ones, until I had a lot.


The next step was to cut and glue down a trunk – although I couldn’t find any brown paper so it’s a plant pot.


The next step was a bit of experimentation.  I laid out some circles in various ways…

…until I decided the winging it technique works best.  And so I started gluing.  Which is of course when one of the cats decided to come and play.


After a whole bunch of kitty cuddles, I got back to my little tree.


I got a bit carried away and ended up going over the edges a wee bit, but I’m pleased with how it looks.


The circle with a star wasn’t punched deliberately, but when I found it in my pile of green circles I knew it had to go on top.

I have lots and lots of green circles left…


…so I may well make one (or three) more 🙂



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