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25 Crafts of Christmas – Day 13

We’re halfway through!  Well, if I stick to 25 that is.

Day 13 turned out absolutely adorable and I think it’s one of my favourites so far.  I had this picture in my craft folder…


Because I’m me, I didn’t go looking for the source and a pattern and a tutorial or anything, although I’m sure there is one.  I decided to wing it.  I drew out a quick pattern..


….and cut out the pieces, with a little extra height on the bottom two pieces for sewing, and an added trunk.


And then away I went.


I was a little worried about the face, cos I always seem to mess those up, but it came up really well.


I added another round of tinsel too.


After that it was supposed to have been finished, but because the back of my pieces are always really messy, I decided to add a back to it.

I looked up a quick refresher of blanket stitch on YouTube, since it’s one I’m not all that experienced with.  I did the blanket stitch in white, so it looked a little like snow.  Then I got this far…


…and decided it needing a little bit of stuffing.  There are two extra pieces of red on his face in that picture – I panicked when I saw them but they’re just bits of fluff.

Here’s the finished piece, complete with stuffing.


Isn’t it adorable?  Little felties are something I started doing a few years ago, but I struggled with the blanket stitch and stopped.  I found this relatively simple though, so there may be more in the future.



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