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25 Crafts of Christmas – Day 16

For Day 16 I did a little bit of origami.  Here’s the video I used…

I knew I wanted to make several, because I wanted to use them as cutlery holders for a Christmas meal I’m having with my friends tonight.  So I made one with a sheet of printer paper cut into a square, to test the pattern.


It’s quite simple.  So much so that for the set I made I didn’t need to refer back to the video.

But here I encountered a problem.  I don’t actually have any red paper with a white back, not even in standard origami paper size.  So I improvised.  I decided to use a sheet of white AND a sheet of red as if it were one sheet of paper.


Now, the pattern was very simple.  Folding two sheets of paper as if they were one was not simple.  It wasn’t very easy to get crisp folds, so they came out looking a little squiffy, but they still look pretty good.


And here’s one in action.


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