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25 Crafts of Christmas – Day 21

This one has been sitting in my to-do file for years.


It even comes with a printable template.


So I printed it off, and cut out a circle.  Then I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out how to make the folds, before I read the original picture and realised it should be a half-circle.  After that, I stuck my half-circle inside the folded template and made the creases.


But it looked a little odd.


The template says you can adjust the folds as desired, so I kept having more tries.

I just could not get it to work.  Then I went back and looked at the source image again and realised where I’d been going wrong.

Here’s the template again…


I assumed the first fold was the one on the far right, the second fold was the one in the middle and the third fold was the one on the left.  Like this…


I was wrong.  Fold 2 in that diagram is actually the first fold.  Then fold 1, then fold 3.


When I realised how easy it really was, I made some more.  Lots more.


At which point I forgot all about making a card with them, and got distracted putting them into nice patterns.

I might make cards out of them at some point.  I’ll show you if I do.


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