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Random Craft Quiz – Part 3

Here it is!  Only a year after the last part, here is Part 3 of that Random Craft Quiz that I started.

21) How often do you knit or crochet?

Several days a week.  I do a lot of hobbies, but knitting and crochet (mostly crochet) are ones that pop up frequently.

22) Do you always have a project in mind when you buy yarn?

Nope.  I’m a sucker for pretty yarn.

23) Do you find any crafting tools to be overrated?

I don’t know really.  I’m not so fond of circular needles, but that’s just me not getting them.

24) When you want to learn a new stitch, how do you go about it?

YouTube.  Always YouTube.  YouTube taught me to crochet.  I had a good friend who taught me to knit and another good friend who tried to teach me to crochet.  He tried and tried, but I kept getting in knots.  In the end I found YouTube videos and managed from there.

25) Do you have a devoted yarn bag?

Not really.  It tends to be whatever bag is handy.

26) Does anyone else in your family crochet/knit?

I’m gonna change this question to “craft”.  My sister does beading and has dabbled in cross stitch I believe, and now that she has a toddler she’s doing lots of kiddy crafts.  My other sister has knit in the past but has a small attention span.  She knit one of the patches in my very first blanket – it’s right in the centre, with her initial stitched on.

family loom - all complete

My mum used to knit and do cross stitch, but her hands don’t let her anymore.

27) How do you store your yarn stash?

In boxes.  Many boxes.  Lots of boxes.  Did I mention all the boxes?

28) What are your current WIPs?

I have quite a few… dozen.  I suffer from Startitis.

29) Do you have any projects currently in time out?

Nothing is in time out I don’t think.  I just have a LOT of WIPs and some I haven’t touched in years.

30) Which WIP have you been working on the longest?

According to my Ravelry projects (I’m Switchcleo on there if you want to get in touch), it’s a cross stitch kit I started way back in June 2011.  Jeez, that’s a really long time.  I should dig that out.

It’s the A Year of Events kit by Dimensions and here’s how far I’ve gotten so far.

2017-11-09 17.00.10

(I can’t find a link for the kit, it must be an old one.  But it’s number 35235)

That’s it for Part 3.  I’ll try not to leave it a year before I post Part 4.


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