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Make It 2017

Last year I did a post showing you all the goodies I bought at the Make It craft show.  I went to the show this year but I never got around to posting about it.  A good time was had, and workshops were undertaken, and goodies were purchased.

The workshops included learning about a fantastic thing called a Coiling Gizmo – a blog about that is coming up in the next day or two, and a quick one learning how to decoupage.  Paper-mache egg, scraps of pretty paper, and lots of glue.  Sticky fingers, but a very enjoyable process.

2017-02-27 09.22.58

I already had a thing for collecting wooden shapes, for possible future projects.  For painting, for pyrography (which I started, but haven’t done much with yet), for doodling.  Learning decoupage just added another good reason to have lots of wooden shapes.  And luckily there are a couple of different stalls at Make It that sell lots of pretty wooden pieces.


There was also a stall doing workshops for wood block fabric printing, but we somehow missed that one.  I did buy myself a starter kit, which I might even get around to using some time soon.

2017-02-27 09.45.25

I picked up the usual silly amounts of pretty paper…


…some general beading supplies…


…some stamping supplies & gifts…


…and some general crafting bits and pieces.


I also picked up a few extra bits, but they’re part of the whole Coiling Gizmo blog post that’s coming up.

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