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Venturing Into Watercolour Art

For my birthday a few weeks ago my best friend bought me this lovely set of watercolour pencils…

…which was extremely exciting for me. As previously mentioned in my art journal blog, I’ve been getting more and more into 2D art. I’ve been doing lots of sketching and drawing and getting these pencils was the inspiration I needed to take the next step.

Pinterest, of course, was an invaluable source of ideas. One particular image had been lurking in my “make me!” folder for months.

So, after a quick trip into town to buy a pad of watercolour paper I had a go. I started by drawing the outline.

I was worried that it didn’t look like what it was supposed to be, but everyone I showed it to knew what it was.

Next step was to add some colour. I didn’t go with the blue from the Pinterest post but with one of my favourite colours.

I was really nervous for the next step. I didn’t want to mess it up. Adding too much water or not enough could ruin it – or so I assumed. I didn’t (and still don’t) have much knowledge of practice with watercolours, pencil or otherwise.

So I went slowly and gently, and I’m really happy with what came out.

That particular page went into my art journal, but I’m tempted to do another piece for my wall.

2 responses to “Venturing Into Watercolour Art”

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