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My First Craft Fayre

Disclaimer: This post is a repost from my old blog, which was more personal and less crafty. I don’t use that blog anymore, but thought I’d share some of the craft-related posts from there. This one was from April 2015.


One of the things on my bucket list was to sell my wares at a craft fayre.  Yesterday I did that.

I booked the table a month or so ago, and I spent all the time since then stressing about it.  Because that’s how I roll.  I’ve been making lots and lots of stock.  I took 668 products.  And I’ve been making decorations too…

2015-04-14 15.45.46

2015-04-14 16.00.57

I prepared a box with everything I would need. Notebook, custom order receipt book, blu tac, cellotape, pens, price labels, gift bags, cash tin, cash tin key (I quadruple checked that one)…

We turned up a tiny bit late. My sister Jennie was selling some of her chutneys too and she needed to be picked up from the rail station a couple of towns over because of replacement buses and things.

Vendors were allowed to arrive at 9am, an hour before the start, to set up. Turns out that is not nearly enough time. Or that I really need to streamline my process. Even with Mum and Cayden’s help, I was not ready by the time we opened. At ten o’clock I was almost at panic attack state. Not all the stock was out, there were no labels, everything was a bit of a mess, and I felt like a total failure. It took a while for me to get over that crappy feeling, but I did.

It was a success. For me at least. I sold three whole items and took a custom order too! It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was for me. And I made enough to cover my half of the table fee. My sister paid me for her half in chutney and cheesy bites. I’m happy with that.

I have a lot to learn, and some changes to make to my process, but I had a good time. And now I’m researching trying to find more fayres for us to attend.

2015-04-25 13.01.33

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