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Platonic Doodle Date #2

Last week I wrote about me and my friend Cayden using three different challenges from the Arty Games app by YouTuber Draw With Jazza.  We were too over-confident and decided that 10 minutes was plenty because we had very simplistic styles.  We were wrong.


Cayden had a better time with the colouring (on the left) than I did because he used a sensible sized sketchbook, unlike me.  He used an A5 pad, and I used an A4 one.  I did not learn my lesson.

We decided to have another go, but with 20 minutes instead.  We generated our colour palette (using my handy Copic Conversions)…


…we generated our scribble…

2018-10-22 12.39.29

… we laid out our pencils, erasers, inking pens and markers.  We set the 20 minute timer and off we went.

2018-10-22 13.18.26.jpg

20 minutes was definitely a lot easier.  But it was still stressful – in a fun kinda way.  Again, Cayden managed a better colouring job than me because of his proper sized sketchbook.  I also had issues with the purple running out.  Guess which one is mine…


This is another piece we’re going to redo with no time limit.  Although I think Cayden’s looks pretty damn good as it is. He even managed to add a shadow!

I’m not sure why I keep drawing birds for these. Next time I will make an effort to draw something else.  And I will use a sensible size sketchbook.


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