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Arty Advent Day 1

In 2016 I attempted 25 Crafts of Christmas in the month of December.  I even managed to do most of the crafts and posts on the days they were supposed to go up.  Last year I didn’t do anything, but I didn’t do much blogging at all.

Last year however one of my favourite art YouTubers Baylee Jae did an “Arty Advent“.  It was a tag she created, but it was a similar concept.   With a new video posted every day until Christmas.  Here’s the first one…


And that’s what I want to do this year.  Obviously a blog post takes a little less work than a YouTube video, but for someone like me who struggles with routine it’s certainly a challenge.  As well as an excuse to do arty stuff.

So for December 1st-24th (and possibly a Christmas day bonus), I’ll be posting an art-related blog post every day.  If you visit my blog during this time, let me reassure you that I’m not just an art blog.  I do all the crafts.  You can look through my archives, or stay tuned for future posts, to see the other crafty things I get up to.

And because I can’t let today’s post be just an introduction, here’s a Christmas elf.

2018-11-28 22.35.14


2 responses to “Arty Advent Day 1”

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  2. […] December 13th, which means we’re half way through this Arty Advent challenge I’ve set myself.  In honour of being half way, I thought I’d show you some of the half finished art pieces I […]


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