Arty Advent Day 10: DeviantArt

For December 1st-24th (and possibly a Christmas day bonus), I’ll be posting an art-related blog post every day.  If you visit my blog during this time, let me reassure you that I’m not just an art blog.  I do all the crafts.  You can look through my archives, or stay tuned for future posts, to see the other crafty things I get up to. 

I’ve been thinking about setting up a DeviantArt account for a month or two now.  But I couldn’t make the actual decision.  I guess I kinda felt like I wasn’t a “proper” artist.  So I asked Twitter.

I don’t have a huge amount of followers, but I guess that answers that question.

And so, I set up a DeviantArt account.

It’s kinda small right now, but it’ll grow.  Hopefully.


Are you on DeviantArt?  Let me know!


Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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