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Arty Advent Day 19: More Twitter Challenges

For December 1st-24th (and possibly a Christmas day bonus), I’ll be posting an art-related blog post every day.  If you visit my blog during this time, let me reassure you that I’m not just an art blog.  I do all the crafts.  You can look through my archives, or stay tuned for future posts, to see the other crafty things I get up to. 

On my Twitter challenges post the other day I had a comment from Frank, who is @aoba1895 on Twitter, telling me about even more Twitter challenges.  So now I follow Colour Collective, Virtual Studio and Pinch Punch Post.  You’ll see my entries for Colour Collective and Pinch Punch Post later, but Virtual Studio is what I went with today.

They have different challenges every single day.  I’m going to have to force myself to not do some, because otherwise my OCD will mean I’ll end up HAVING to do them or getting very anxious.  Luckily I didn’t find time to do yesterday’s Shape Challenge…

But the two previous days really caught my interest.  The weekend saw a Snowmageddon challenge…

and Monday was Mythical Mashup time.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do, but I added them to my to do list, along with the second animal in a Christmas jumper for Animal Alphabets.

2018-12-10 23.19.461

The idea fully solidified in my head after a quick trip to Hobbycraft to pick up some Christmas washi tape.

2018-12-18 12.11.47

I saw that snowflake tape on the bottom there and knew I had my Snowmageddon.  All I had to do was make my Reindeer/Angel mash up a Christmas jumper and voila!

2018-12-18 16.22.38

How cute is he?!  If I’d made it a month earlier I’d have scanned it and made it into Christmas cards.  I could do that for next year, but I’m hoping my skills increase a little in a year.  We’ll see.


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