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Arty Advent Day 20: 100 Somethings

For December 1st-24th (and possibly a Christmas day bonus), I’ll be posting an art-related blog post every day.  If you visit my blog during this time, let me reassure you that I’m not just an art blog.  I do all the crafts.  You can look through my archives, or stay tuned for future posts, to see the other crafty things I get up to. 

The clever amongst you will notice that this post is a day late.  I have no excuse.  It just is. Lets move on…

I like to give myself a challenge for each year, and for 2019 I’d like to draw 100 somethings.  I asked my adjudicator friend Cayden if 100 was enough, and he’s decided that it is.  We’ve decided between us that doodles don’t count, but sketches can do.

The trouble I’m having is figuring out what I want to draw.  Do I draw 100 things I’ve been drawing already?  Like mermaids?  Or something that I’ve been wanting to draw more of?  I did know that I don’t want to draw 100 monsters.  Well, I probably will draw 100 monsters throughout the year, but I don’t want that to be the challenge.

I had some input from friends.  One suggested I draw 100 dogs.  I do love dogs, and I’d definitely like to draw some.  But the problem with dogs is that they are real, and therefore can be drawn wrong.  I do like a more fantasy genre, where I can use my imagination more.  So dogs are off the table for the challenge.  As are “species of spider” like Cayden suggested.

I have narrowed it down to 4 options.  But I’m having trouble narrowing it down any further, so I’m asking the Internet.  I’ve put up polls on my Facebook page, my Twitter feed…

…and my DeviantArt page.  I’ve even set up a Strawpoll, which you can find here.

If you’re really lazy, you could just comment on this post if you want to vote.  And if you’re super eager, you could vote on all of them.

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