New Craft Supplies

Arty Advent is over, so I can go back to writing about all the other crafts I do now.  Don’t expect the art to disappear though.  There’ll definitely be more of that.

Last week I showed you all the new art supplies I got for Christmas, but it wasn’t just art stuff I got.  I got lots of new craft supplies too.  Again, forgive the terrible pictures.

I got some origami stuff.

2018-12-25 16.53.332018-12-25 18.00.26

I got some yarn.

2018-12-25 17.49.15

I got some thread crafts and tools.

I got some fabric, and a book of things to sew.

2018-12-25 17.53.53

I got some mosaic kits.

2018-12-25 17.55.18

I got a diamond painting kit.

2018-12-25 18.01.54

I got a rock painting kit, which I suppose should have gone in the art supplies blog.

2018-12-25 17.22.19

I got a Makerly box, which had a quilling kit in it.

2018-12-25 17.22.01

2018-12-25 17.19.58

I got some beads.

2018-12-25 17.59.51

I got some buttons.

2018-12-25 17.59.18

And I got some very cute and snazzy little crocodile scissors.

You’ll probably be seeing some of these kits making an appearance on the blog later, once I’ve attempted to use them.

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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