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Hama Hogwarts

Disclaimer: This post is a repost from my old blog, which was more personal and less crafty. I don’t use that blog anymore, but thought I’d share some of the craft-related posts from there. This one was from May 2015.


In my last Hama post I showed you a Hogwarts crest that I wanted to make.

It took a lot of time!

2015-05-18 10.53.06

And a lot of masking tape… I didn’t want to risk having too many boards at once, so I did a maximum of two at a time.

2015-05-18 11.47.10

But it was a fun project to do. Maybe because Hogwarts means so much to me.

2015-05-18 16.01.46

And it was so exciting seeing it come together.

2015-05-18 16.48.06

Once all the beads were in place, it stayed like that for a few days because I was too scared to iron it.

2015-05-18 17.26.49

Ironing it could ruin it. And I’d never ironed anything so big before. It was bloody terrifying. But eventually the fact that it was back to front convinced me to do it.

Ironing took absolutely ages! I wanted the back to be very very ironed, so that it was secure. And when I flipped it over to peel the tape off, Ravenclaw gave me a bit of trouble. But here it is in all it’s finished glory.

2015-05-21 15.14.55

And I am so so so happy with it!

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