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Shading Makes a Difference

Before I decided to learn to draw, my 2D art consisted of zentangles.  I love zentangles, they’re theraputic and pretty.

But something I never did was shade them.  I couldn’t get to grips with the shading, so I just avoided it.  The stark look is fine for zentangle pieces, though.  I love the way my zentangle pieces look.

When I was just doing colouring, I rarely did any shading there either.

And I’m really happy with those pieces.

But since I started the sketching, and the inking, and the colouring, I’ve learned a thing or two.

Flat images are great.  They look good.

2018-12-30 15.20.38

But when you some shading, you get a whole different effect.

2018-12-30 15.55.41

Shading is awesome.  I shall do more.

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