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Happy Easter

I hope you’ve all eaten lots of chocolate.  I had plenty 🙂

For Easter this year, after some time (ahem, hours) browsing on Pinterest I settled for this craft.

2019-04-20 04.20.31

The Pinterest link didn’t lead anywhere, but a reverse image search found me the original website.  Home and Gardening Ideas posted this little craft, and I followed their instructions.

The written instructions were a little unclear, but at the bottom of the page is a YouTube video.

It was a really easy tutorial to follow.  I had a little trouble cutting the ears.  It was just fiddly.

2019-04-20 11.20.35

And somehow the face ended up looking really angry.

2019-04-20 11.37.47

But it didn’t look too bad.

2019-04-20 11.40.43

I did have a second go.  This time I used safety eyes and embroidered a face before filling the sock.  And I cut the basic shape for the ears first too.  I kinda loved how plump he looked before I tied the twine to make his head.

2019-04-20 12.08.28

I trimmed his ears a little more, and he looked adorable.  Even if I did stitch his mouth a bit too low.

2019-04-20 12.27.06.jpg

But it was a fun little Easter craft and now I have two cute little sock bunnies.

2019-04-20 12.19.23


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