Junicorn in July

I am really bad at posting things in a timely manner.  Allow me to present this as evidence, as well as the fact that I have 3 Copic Colours of the Month (December, March and May) posts, and 3 Scrawlr Box (April, May, June) posts to write.

So here I am, writing about Junicorn in July – almost August.

Junicorn is one of those month-long art challenges, like MerMay.  (Goes to link MerMay blog post, realise I haven’t written it yet.)


The concept is that for every day of June, you draw a unicorn.  There are countless prompt lists floating around the internet, with more being created every year.  After having Inktober and March of Robots (also not blogged yet) run over, I decided that for Junicorn I wouldn’t try and do a unicorn every day.  I set myself the goal of at least one a week, aiming for a minimum of 5-10 for the whole month.  (Note: I actually did this for MerMay, but since I haven’t blogged that yet I’ll mention it here.)

I wasn’t going to follow the prompt list either.  I actually had a long list of ideas, and each time I settled to draw a unicorn I would pick one of those ideas at random.  I referred to that list precisely once.  All the others happened naturally.

I ended up doing just five, but they are all adorable.

2019-06-06 10.43.06

2019-06-17 13.45.14

2019-06-17 13.47.05

There’s a blog post coming for that one, eventually.

2019-06-26 00.42.58

I have a post planned for this one too.

2019-07-09 09.14.49

And this one.  I have lots of posts planned, I just need to actually write them.

I am now going to go and work out which blog posts I need to write that are stupidly overdue and try to get them all out in the next couple of weeks.  I am a bad blogger.


Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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