March of (Delayed) Robots

As mentioned in my Junicorn post, I have a backlog of blog posts about specific months that are very overdue.  In the coming weeks I hope to write and post them all.  First up is the monthly art challenges, and the first of those is March of Robots.

March of Robots is where you draw a robot every day for the month of March.  Given that my self-imposed challenge for the year is to draw 100 robots, I kinda had to partake in this.

I started off well.  I did one on the 1st…

2019-03-02 14.57.02

Then missed a couple of days.

2019-03-05 00.34.53

2019-03-05 03.00.12

And a couple more.

2019-03-06 15.42.52

2019-03-06 16.39.51

This next one was actually started in January.  It took me a while.  But I finished it in March, so it counts.

2019-03-06 22.53.15

2019-03-06 23.24.47

2019-03-08 14.22.06

2019-03-08 18.10.11

This one was a birthday card for my brother in law.

2019-03-12 20.36.40

2019-03-13 11.00.21

2019-03-13 14.10.01

2019-03-13 14.11.21

2019-03-13 14.11.31

2019-03-13 14.11.32

The date is in American format for this one, because Pi Day.  Hence pie robot.

2019-03-14 14.35.24

And then for some reason I didn’t draw a robot for 2 weeks.  Which might explain why it ended up being a 2 month challenge.

2019-03-28 11.54.48

This one was inspired by the little cases my DM keeps our D&D miniatures in.  Is my nerd showing?

2019-03-29 14.52.43

2019-03-31 16.27.45

This one is for a blog post that I haven’t written yet.

2019-04-01 01.04.02

And this one.

2019-04-01 01.05.38

Now, you might notice that the ones from here weren’t drawn in March.  But they still count.  Don’t they?

2019-04-03 20.06.57

2019-04-03 21.44.49

2019-04-04 16.21.29

This is the one I did after National Unicorn Day.

2019-04-14 11.24.39

This was me learning to use watercolours – another upcoming blog post.

2019-04-16 18.19.55

2019-04-21 13.57.15


This one is actually also a piece for MerMay (should be the next blog post).  That is almost definitely cheating, but I don’t care.  It’s a robot mermaid.

2019-05-01 21.49.50

2019-05-03 23.47.00

And finally…

2019-05-04 02.06.27

You might have noticed a few familiar faces in there.  I’m doing fan art as well as original robots for my 100 Robots challenge.  Are there any other robots you think I should do?



Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

4 thoughts on “March of (Delayed) Robots”

  1. Hey, Nina here ^-^ To answer the question at the end: maybe Wall-E robots? Or Blue Sky Robots robots (it’s a childhood guilty pleasure for me)?


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