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March Copic Colours

The next post chronologically in my actually-blogging-the-backlog-of-monthly-challenges series is the Copic Colours of March.

As mentioned in my last post, the colours of the month evolved from just a three pack of Copics.  By March they were releasing the colours codes in Hex and Pantone too, for digital artists and people who don’t have the colours in Copics.

2019-03-02 17.25.12

First up was the fun bit.  Swatching!  Because I didn’t have any of those Copics, obviously.  A lot of people dislike swatching, but I really enjoy it.

2019-03-25 15.59.50

The drawing and colouring are also fun, of course.  This time I went with a monster, because monsters are awesome.

2019-03-25 15.59.59

I’m not sure where the weird shape came from.  It might have been me getting a friend to scribble on the page and me turning it into something.


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