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April Scrawlr Box

Months ago, when the April Scrawlr box arrived, I blogged about the March box.  Now as part of my actually-blogging-the-backlog-of-monthly-challenges series I’m gonna tell you about the April box.  Only 4 months late.

The April Scrawlr box contained a couple of fineliners, the ever present pencil, a kneaded eraser that I forgot to photo, and some brush markers.

2019-04-27 00.17.30

And the sticker of course.

2019-04-27 00.18.07

I swatched…

2019-04-27 00.19.10

…and then I drew myself a little rabbit creature.  Except that these markers are not so great for colouring.

2019-04-23 12.10.44

So I did some research – by which I mean that I watched a whole bunch of YouTube videos – and discoverered that they’re really good for lettering.  So I did some lettering.

It also transpired that the ink inside is supposedly watercolour paint ink.  So I did some more swatching, this time with a wet paintbrush as well.

2019-05-04 06.29.33

Then I had another go, using more appropriate paper.

I had fun playing around with the markers, but I didn’t really have a finished piece for this box.  I didn’t resonate with the supplies, but as my watercolour skills have been increasing, maybe I can do better at some point in the future.

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