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May Copic Colours

The next post chronologically in my actually-blogging-the-backlog-of-monthly-challenges series is the Copic Colours of May.

By May, the Copic Twitter account had changed it’s name to Marker Universe, but they were still churning out colour sets every month.

2019-05-01 18.59.15

So I did my swatching…

2019-05-04 01.11.54

…but it took a while for me to actually get around to doing the piece.  I was distracted by MerMay.  Which is just as well, because a couple of days later Marker Universe tweeted this…

And I realised that somehow I’d completely borked the third colour.  So I swatched again for that one.

2019-05-04 01.14.11

And then drew a pretty funky mermaid, because MerMay.

2019-05-31 06.47.06

The anatomy is a little awkward, and I really need to work on backgrounds.  But how awesome is that tail?!


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