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Colours of the Month & a New Challenge

Today we have a twofer.  Two challenges in one. One of them is even a new challenge! It’s a real exciting day here at Crafted By Colette.

The new challenge is @ScribbleIntoArt. On the first of each month they post a scribble, and then you turn it into art. I joined late, finding the August scribble on the 27th. But I was eager.

I copied the scribble into my sketchbook, and start sketching it over it with an off-brand Col-Erase pencil.

I loved the robot head, but then I’m not entirely sure what happened with the body. So I picked a different pencil and had another go.

2019-08-30 21.43.43

This time I was happy enough with my concept to move on. I didn’t want to destroy my base sketch, and having used coloured pencils and a sketchbook it was really hard to lightbox. So I just eyeballed it – changing the robot’s legs a little in the process.

2019-08-30 22.04.17

Next up was the colouring, and the second challenge of this twofer. The August Colours of the Month. This months colours were an intriguing set – cyan, magenta and yellow. So step one was to swatch out and work out which markers to use. I ended up with one of my Ohuhu markers and two of my new CMYK markers (Marker Haul post on it’s way).

Before I started colouring my robot I did some playing around to see what colours I could make. With cyan, magenta and yellow, in theory I could make all of the colours – like a printer. In practice it’s hard to do with markers. They’re very saturated. But I still managed to get a nice rainbow. I know that if I did the same with watercolours I’d get a much wider range of shades, but this was good for now.

2019-08-30 22.27.00

While attempting to colour the robot in a brown/black colour, it got really blotchy and weird. It was a nice effect though. It almost started to look galaxy-like. I was semi-tempted to add stars. I might well have another attempt – although what are the chances I can deliberately recreate a botch job?

2019-08-30 23.04.55

I’m really pleased with how the final piece turned out though. Helpful robot is polite and looks away while he holds out a towel.

2019-08-31 07.42.19

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