May Scrawlr Box

The next post chronologically in my actually-blogging-the-backlog-of-monthly-challenges series is the May Scrawlr Box.

The May box contained 4 Pilot Pintor pens (the Pilot brand version of Posca pens), a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen, the ever-present pencil, and an eraser.  There was also a sample of Canaletto Liscio 125gsm paper.

2019-05-31 07.00.44

After swatching, I drew one of my little dome-shaped monsters – like I always do.

Pintor markers – like Poscas – are supposed to be useable on everything.  So I did another monster on the front of the sketchbook.

2019-05-24 01.32.38

The liquid chrome pen is freaking awesome by the way.  Look at this shine!

2019-05-24 03.11.38

You’ll also notice in that image a nice fat scratch down the poor little monster’s face.  I don’t know if Posca markers scratch off as easily or if it’s a Pintor thing.  Maybe I’ll do a paint pen comparison at some point.

And so on to artwork.  The theme for this month was “Paper Tiger”.  A paper tiger is a thing which looks dangerous, but is actually harmless.  The featured artist of the month did an actual tiger, and it looks really cool.

I didn’t want to do a tiger though.  I picked a killer whale.  And I used the sample of paper to sketch out an image and get going.  I sort of planned out the colours in advance.  I’d intended to use a blue Posca pen I had as the sky, but then I wanted to use the liquid chrome as stars and my blue was too light for a night sky, so when it came to it I used that for waves instead.

I decided I’d buy another pen – a purple Pintor – to do the sky.  But that involved waiting.  While I was waiting, I started another piece.  A block abstract piece.  I quite like doing abstract pieces.  They’re soothing.

2019-05-31 06.55.00

Then when my new pen arrived I finished both pieces.

This was a great box.  The paint pens are very cool, and I definitely intend to do more with them at some point.  But the stand out winner for me is that liquid chrome pen.  Look at the shiny..

2019-06-10 15.07.12

I’m gonna try and find a way to really use that pen in a fantabulous piece of art.  Eventually.


Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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