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July Scrawlr Box

The next post chronologically in my actually-blogging-the-backlog-of-monthly-challenges series is the July Scrawlr Box.  It’s also the last one.  I’m now up to date!  With monthly challenges at least.

The July box was… interesting.  It contained three water-mixable oil paints, a Scrawlr Box branded paintbrush, a mini stretched canvas, a palette knife card thing, a sheet of palette paper, and the ever-present pencil.

2019-08-16 20.20.22

I have never used oil paints, and didn’t really have any desire to do so.  But they were here, and so I would experiment.  And experiment I did – lots of mixing and making pretty shades of purple.

I didn’t want to use the canvas on a medium I wasn’t sure about, so I put that in my drawer of canvases to use at some point and grabbed a random piece of board.  I figured these colours would make a good galaxy.  So I just went at it.  Applied paint, and more paint.  Poked it and brushed it and squished it.  Oil paint certainly has a lot of texture to it.

2019-08-16 20.46.42

I ended up with a little too much texture.  It was going to be hard to add stars to this.

2019-08-16 20.48.30

So I attempted to flatten it a little, and made a mess.

2019-08-16 20.49.06

I decided to wait until it dried before adding stars – that way I could use my Posca pens as well.  Apparently oil paints take a few days to dry.

I did that on 19th August.  I was put off by the medium and didn’t play with the box the day it arrived.  As I write this it is the end of August and it’s still not full dry.  Maybe I had it on there too thick.  Who knows.  It’s not a great galaxy anyway.  I made a much better galaxy when I started to clean off the palette.

2019-08-16 20.51.13

I don’t think I’ll be using oil paints again.  I’m a messy artist as it is, and this was a little too much.  I got it everywhere.

2019-08-16 20.53.03

But at least I can now say I’ve tried them.  The featured artist certainly did a better job.

Oh, and because I hadn’t used the pencil I drew a robot.

2019-08-17 12.54.52

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