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Blog Notes Note Book

I’ve mentioned a few times that I suck at taking notes when I’m working on a project for a blog post.  And with my tendency to leave things in the “to do” file for months at a time, this can provide some issues when I come to write the blog post – like with my resin experiments.

Well, a month or so ago, I received something a little weird in the mail.

2019-09-08 17.41.47

There was no return address on the envelope.  No packing slip inside.  Just these.  I didn’t order them.  I still have no idea where they came from.  They’re index books so they have these little alphabet tabs, and the paper isn’t the greatest quality, so they went on my blank notebook shelf and got forgotten about.

2019-09-08 17.41.52

Forgotten about, that is, until I wrote that resin blog and decided to go grab a notebook to keep blog notes in.  These are ideal – the paper isn’t great quality, but it’s just for scribbling notes as I go.  I really mean “scribble” too.  My handwriting is atrocious when I’m rushing.

Then because I’m me, I couldn’t just leave them unlabelled and undecorated.  I taped some white card to the front of the first one, and got my stickers out to add a label.  Then I got a bit carried away.

2019-09-08 18.08.02

Who doesn’t love stickers?  Weirdos, that’s who.

But I now have a notebook for taking notes for my blog posts.  I’ve even been using it already.  Yay me!

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