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I am a Watercolourist – I think

Since my last update back in April, I’ve made a lot of progress with my watercolour work.  And a few changes too.  I bought myself some better supplies, as I showed you in my haul post the same month.

I’m loving the Sakura Koi paints.  They are very soft and creamy and rich.  And so vibrant.  My collection of brushes has increased, although I’m having difficulty getting used to waterbrushes.  I’ve been using the masking fluid on occasion too, although some of the paper that I’ve got really doesn’t like it.

Since that haul post I’ve also bought myself some Arteza watercolour sketchbooks, which I love.  I also have the Daler-Rowney paints from the June Scrawlr Box, and the September box came with some paints too.  Lots of new toys to play with.  And lots of things to learn.

I’ve been learning the basics from various places online…

…I’ve been doing brush control exercises, which I really enjoy doing….

…I’ve been doing some tutorials.  Mostly from DearAnnArt on Instagram…

…and Watercolor Misfit on YouTube.

I’ve mimicked things I’ve found on Pinterest…

…made illustrations of other people’s characters during Art Fight

…made versions of characters I’ve created using avatar generation apps…

…and even done some original stuff too.

I’m really enjoying watercolours.  I combat my lack of patience by working on multiple pieces at once.  Paint a bit – move it aside to dry and paint a bit on the next piece – repeat.  It’s like a little factory.

These images are just a sample.  I have many many many more.  I post most art things I do on my Deviant Art page if you wanna check me out over there.

So what do you think?  Can I call myself a watercolourist yet?

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