Resin Haul

So, since I’ve been trying to do more resin stuff, I may have been shopping for supplies.  Here’s the haul post I promised you.

I got a big kit from Amazon that came with a LOT of stuff, and I bought loads of bits from AliExpress too – that site is dangerous.

I got the most important supply when working with resin.  Resin.  There’s a bunch of UV resin here, and some 2 part epoxy resin too.

2019-09-07 16.38.51

The second most important supply is glitter.  Obviously.  This set came in the kit from Amazon.  I wouldn’t buy more glitter (honest), because I have a ton already.  That always stops me buying stuff.  Honest.

2019-09-07 16.21.15

The kit also came with a colourant set, and these cute little dried flowers.

I got a bunch of tools to make things easier.

And I expanded my collection of molds and bezels.

When I was laying things out to take pictures for the haul, I couldn’t resist having a little play.

I made this little pendant – trying out the colourants and some glitter.  I like how it looks, especially when held up to the light.  The gel nail polish I coated on top to try and combat the sticky resin isn’t exactly smooth though.

I also tried the little flowers.  I did a clear layer, with a white layer on top.  I obviously didn’t cure the clear layer enough, or didn’t spread it far enough in the mold, because there’s a little bit of leakage.  I did another clear layer on top of that, but it should have been thicker.  There’s a big dip.  I might have a go at filing the edges down.  But it’s pretty good for a first attempt.

There is another resin post coming soon.  I did a lot more experiments – and I even took notes!


Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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