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13 Days of Halloween – Graveyards

13 days of halloween

First up in my little Halloween series is some painting.  I was going to do something original, but I got caught up in mimicking things found on Pinterest.  I spend too much time on Pinterest.

The image I most wanted to replicate was this one…

2019-09-21 23.18.03

I’ve done some layered pieces before and I figured it would be relatively simple and look really effective.

My first attempt failed.  I messed up the original grey wash – but I had a bit of a practice with the other shapes anyway.

2019-10-16 11.28.19b

I have a habit of making wash pages when I have leftover paint mixed and I have a collection of pages built up.  I used one of those to make this spider piece.

2019-10-16 11.28.59234

I had a go at freehanding this image…

2019-10-10 18.46.10

…because I want to be able to paint without drawing first.  And because it’s adorable.  I found it on Pinterest but credit to Timothy Zulewski who seems to be the original artist.  Here’s my simplified version.

2019-10-16 11.28.42fd

And finally, here’s my finished version of the original inspiration.  I’m quite pleased with it – especially since it’s all done freehand.

2019-10-16 11.29.34srgsr

Note: when I took these photos I totally failed at making them look anything like the artworks.  So I had a go at digitally enhancing them.  Something that is very new and strange to me.  All I did was auto-correct the white balance and auto colour enhance.  Here are the originals next to the ones I’ve posted.  I hope they don’t look too unnatural?

2019-10-10 21.45.57

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