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13 Days of Halloween – Potions

13 days of halloween

Long before I was a crafty person, I could cross stitch.  I don’t recall when I learnt, or who taught me.  It’s just something I’ve always been able to do.  It used to be the only craft I could do.  I haven’t really done any in a long time though, because I now do a LOT of different crafts.

But I had to include a little cross stitch piece for this little series.  Can you tell what it is yet?

2019-10-08 14.01.14

I got a bit more work done, then realised that I had completely screwed up.  I hadn’t centred it right, and it wasn’t going to fit on the damn piece of aida.

2019-10-10 17.18.18

Not that you have any clue what it’s supposed to be.  I could show you the pattern, but I’ve had a bit of an idea on what to do with it.  It’ll be a later blog post, and I’ll show you the pattern then.

I decided for this Halloween series to go for something a little simpler.  It’s also a little easier to tell what it is after the first session.

2019-10-15 18.49.08

I did some messing up on this piece too though.  I didn’t have enough of one yellow to do the entire moon…

2019-10-15 18.19.45 I decided a variagated effect would look pretty good.  That’s not where I messed up.  I lost track of the shape of the moon, and decided it would be fine fudged.  But it looked wonky.  So I tried to adjust it, and failed.  And then again, and failed.

I ended up drawing up a pattern, and the moon ended up pretty huge.  But it still looks good.

2019-10-22 14.19.24

Since I’d finished that one quite quickly, I decided to do another piece.  The problem here was narrowing down which one to do.  I’d collected a few (and by “a few” I mean “a lot”) of patterns from Pinterest and other places online – completely ignoring the large collection of cross stitch patterns I already have.  But I settled on this cute little potion bottle.

2019-10-15 18.53.11

When I finished I decided it looked a little lonely…

2019-10-23 21.55.24

…so I added another bottle.

2019-10-23 22.42.44

And then another one.  With a little bit of surface for them to sit on.

2019-10-23 23.36.18

I added a cloud of background…

2019-10-25 15.43.13

…and finished it off with a thin outline.

2019-10-25 16.21.00

Doing these little pieces has certainly reignited the cross stitch bug in me.  I’ll definitely be doing more soon.

2019-10-25 11.54.43


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