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13 Days of Halloween – The Grim Reaper

13 days of halloween

This was a bit of a spontaneous one.  I have a whole list of ideas and plans for this series, which I’ll probably come back to next year because I’ve had a whale of a time doing it and many many more than 13 plans.  But the idea for this one just crept up out of nowhere.

I searched Pinterest for “Halloween origami”.  This was the first thing that popped up.  How could I resist?

2019-10-27 15.17.07

The link lead to this page which has both a diagram and a video.  Since I was watching tv with my boyfriend at the time, I decided I’d go with the diagram.

2019-10-27 15.18.19

This was a mistake.  I suck at origami diagrams.  Even if I have a key right next to me telling me what all the different arrows mean, I still get confused.  My first attempt looked… weird.  And not just because I didn’t have any black paper.

2019-10-27 15.42.20

My second attempt wasn’t much better either.  He just didn’t look right.

2019-10-27 15.42.44

So I switched to the video, and just about nailed it.

2019-10-27 16.04.07

My boyfriend loved it so much he asked if he could scan it and put it on a Hellraiser-style background.  So I passed it over and moved onto the next thing.  Hmm, maybe a bat?

2019-10-27 16.15.31

Nope, couldn’t read that diagram either.  I tried reverse image searching it but couldn’t find a source or a video for this pattern.  So I let YouTube pick a different bat pattern for me.

Very cute.  Mine ended up a little bit wonky, as all my creations do, but still cute.

2019-10-28 11.56.03

Next up was a pumpkin from this site.  This was so very simple I could just about follow it from the photos and written directions on the site.

2019-10-28 11.56.46

By this point Tom (the boyfriend) was building a whole scene.  The scene just needed some ghosts.

My search led me to Paper Kawaii – who is absolutely excellent with her tutorials by the way.  I’ve watched a ton of her videos before and made a load of the pieces she demonstrates.  I tried this ghost first…

…but managed to make a bit of a mess of it.

So I moved on to the second video on Paper Kawaii’s ghost tutorial page.

This one came out super cute.

2019-10-28 11.56.30

Looking at it now, with the video thumbnail just there too, I think I missed a fold on his head.  Mine is a little more blockheaded.  But he’s still adorable.  And yes, he’s got a stripe of yellow in his tail because the only paper I had with me was a block of rainbow paper.

I wanted more than one ghost in the little scene that Tom and I were building though, and they had to be different.  So I searched for another one and found the most super easy origami pattern ever.

Very simple.  Very cute ghost.

2019-10-28 11.56.37

Tom scanned all my little origami spooks into his computer, did some editing and jiggerpokery and we got this.

20191027 - Halloween

Isn’t it cool?  And then we got talking about possible changes and we fiddled with it for a few hours until we finally ended up with this awesome masterpiece collaboration.

20191027 - Halloween 3

2019-10-26 13.40.42


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