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13 Days of Halloween – Haunted House

13 days of halloween

At the start of October I saw this post from The Diva’s Weekly Zentangle Challenge on Facebook.

2019-10-03 10.56.25

I haven’t really done any Zentangle in ages, and I had just decided I wasn’t doing Inktober this year, and I had committed to doing this blog challenge.  But despite all that, I was intrigued.  I Googled “Inktober Tangles” and found the source on Everything Is Art.

There was no way I was going to manage a tile a day, so I figured maybe I could kill 31 birds with one stone and do a single art piece, that I could then use for one of these Halloween blogs.  32 stones!

I sketched out a rough idea…

2019-10-08 11.15.09

…and planned to fill each part of the image with a different tangle.  I ended up adding more elements as the month went along to make 31 spaces to fill.

A few of the tangles were ones that I already knew, but the rest were new to me which was really fun.  Some were very easy to fit into the spaces, some were a lot more difficult.  There are more than a few that I now want to take away and do a Zentangle tile with, to really do the pattern justice.  They may show up later.

I won’t link all the individual tangle instructions here, but there are links to them all on that Everything Is Art page. Obviously I didn’t quite do them one day at a time either.  I had about five or six sessions over the month, but I got all 31 done, that’s what’s important.

Here’s my completed piece.

20191028 - 01

Day 1: Printemps – the top bat

Day 2: TunnelVizion – the pumpkin

Day 3: Toodles – the centre hill on the right

Day 4: Zonked – the leftmost gravestone

Day 5: Jalousie – the house

Day 6: Flukes – the tree

Day 7: Huggins – the rightmost gravestone

Day 8: Bales – the second gravestone from the left

Day 9: Lola – the lower bat

Day 10: Cubine – the cauldron

Day 11: InaFlux – the skull

Day 12: Floo – the ghost in the tree

Day 13: Yin-Cut – the cat

Day 14: Arukas – the moon

Day 15: Maryhill – the leftmost potion

Day 16: Trentwith – the spider

Day 17: Dreamdex – the right side ghost

Day 18: Sindoo – the path

Day 19: Diva Dance – the tree by the house

Day 20: Antidots – the left side ghost

Day 21: Batumber – the hill with the house on

Day 22: Abundies – the second gravestone from the right

Day 23: Pixioze – the bottom hill on the right

Day 24: Baton – the rightmost potion

Day 25: Tripoli – the hill on the left

Day 26: Ratoon – the left witch

Day 27: Crescent moon – the middle potion

Day 28: Well, Well, Who – the middle gravestone

Day 29: Kuke – the right witch

Day 30: Nik – the flying witch

Day 31: Florz – the big cloud

and because I split the cloud into two by mistake when outlining it, I stippled in the small one.

2019-10-29 13.28.26

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