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My First Colouring Page

So far I’ve completed two of the twenty things on my 20 Before 20 list.

  • I did a line art swap with the awesome NinaHah – her side of the swap will be revealed soon.  On here at least.  You can find it over on her Deviant Art page already.
  • I got SamBeAwesome to write an awesome guest blog post for me about her awesome creation Washiween.

Today I can proudly announce the completion of two more things.  I finally dragged my butt to the dentist last week – and even let him go ahead with the treatment he said I needed.  That was so very much not fun.

The second thing, which is much much more fun is this.  The release of my very first colouring page!

This is a piece I did of Wall-e and Eve for my self-imposed challenge to draw 100 robots in the year 2019.

2019-11-05 10.22.49.png

Before I coloured it, I scanned the line art and cleaned it up.  And here it is.

2019-09-29 15.11.26

I’m not sure how to go about sharing colouring page files, but the file data for that image says it’s a nice high resolution.  I hope that comes through.

If anyone colours in Wall-e and Eve, I’d love to see it.  Share it with me here, or on one of my social medias.  I’m CraftedByColette on Facebook, Deviant Art and Instagram, and I’m @By_Colette on Twitter (because CraftedByColette wouldn’t fit).



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