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Line Art Swap – The Other Half

In October, my friend NinaHah and I did my first ever line art swap.  I blogged what I drew for Nina…

line art2

I showed you what Nina drew for me…

2019-10-04 18.30.41

And I showed you what I did with what Nina drew.complete

What I didn’t show you was the amazing job that Nina did with what I sent her.  She traced it out onto watercolour paper and painted it!  I got to watch some of the painting on her Twitch channel.  She streams a coupla times a week, you should go watch.


She did such an amazing job.  Look at the lining in that skirt!  You can see the picture, as well as lots of other brilliant pieces, on her Deviant Art page.

2019-10-25 19.11.21

We may or may not be doing another line art swap for Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  Maybe.


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  1. […] October, my friend Nina helped me complete a goal and did a line art swap with me.  When I showed you what she did with my line art a couple of weeks ago I teased that there might be another swap for […]


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