Craft Haul

My birthday was in October, and I did a wee bit of online shopping after that.  As a result, I have quite a bit of new craft supplies, so I figured that before Christmas arrived and I ended up with even more new craft supplies, I’d do a haul post.

First up, my best friend got me this adorable little die cutting machine, which came with an embossing folder and a couple of cutting dies.

He also gave me a bunch more cutting dies to use with it.

2019-11-29 14.22.07

And then I bought myself a few more.  I have quite a few more on the way too.

My boyfriend got me a very awesome 3D printing pen – which I’ve already blogged about in my 13 Days of Halloween series.

2019-10-25 11.58.50

Within 10 days of receiving it, I had used up all the filament that came with it.  So I bought some more of that, as well as a big reel of the cheapest colour I could find to use as filler for building shapes and things.  And I also purchased a bit of ABS filament, just to see what it was like – my pen can use both PLA and ABS but PLA is more common.

I also got myself this very clever silicone template mat.

2019-11-29 14.06.28

My boyfriend also got me these two colour in canvasses from Hobbycraft.  Technically Hobbycraft got me one of them – they sent me a £5 voucher for my birthday, which I believe they do for everyone who signs up to their Craft Club.  But I couldn’t decide which one to get, so Tom got me the other one 🙂

A few days after that I got a bag with lots of little presents from my sister, which included two mini colour in canvasses.  One is unwrapped because I started working on one before I took a photo.  I’ve got a blog post in the works about these.

Speaking of The Works, I also ordered myself a bunch of presents from one of my favourite stores.  Including this massive set of acrylic paints – something I intend to learn how to use sometime soon.

2019-11-29 13.57.36

They also sell a range of little bottles of acrylic paint, so I got one of those to test them out.

2019-11-29 14.01.26

Also from The Works I got this Christmas scratch art set…

2019-11-29 14.00.01

… this book of absolutely gorgeous card stock…

2019-11-29 13.59.44

… these rose gold card photo frames (the other frames were from a bag of crafty bits from another friend) …

2019-11-29 14.01.57


… and some silver and white washi tapes (the other tapes were from the same bag of crafty bits from a friend).

2019-11-29 14.02.28

Also in the bag of crafty bits were some animal print card stock, some glitter and some stickers.

Another one of my friends – I have very awesome friends – got me this Dungeons and Dragons colouring book.

From Poundland I got a paint palette…

2019-11-29 14.02.53

… and some Christmas wood shapes.

2019-11-29 14.05.25

I also got these large wooden Christmas shapes from Hobbycraft.  There will be a blog post about the wood shapes at some point.

A few weeks ago my best friend stopped by for a visit – and to collect the glasses he left here – and he bought me a random present.  He’d seen it in Lidl and decided I’d love it.  He’s right – there’s a blog post coming up about these soon.

2019-11-29 14.02.39

Lidl is a supermarket, but they have a whole section that has different random stuff every week.  Occasionally you can get some pretty good art and craft stuff.  For instance, in the same week that I got the origami kit, I also went to Lidl and picked up this pack of coloured card.

2019-11-29 14.00.14.jpg

Finally, one of the things I’ve been desperate for all year is a Cricut or Silhouette digital die cutting machine.  They aren’t cheap, so I decided to buy some of the paraphernalia a bit at a time in advance.  The first batch includes this set of picks and tools, and two packs of inket printable vinyl sticker sheets.

I’ve promised a few upcoming blog posts with this haul, but to be honest there’s probably at least half a dozen more posts in here.  Not to mention the hundreds of hours of messy crafty fun.






Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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