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November Colour of the Month

November’s Colours of the Month were very pretty, and included silver.

2019-11-02 01.01.24

I did a really pretty little peacock, which I’m very happy with.

2019-11-18 18.25.33-1

Then I saw this tweet from the Marker Universe account.

I’ve been drawing a lot of robots this year, for my self imposed challenge to draw 100 robots in a year.  You’ll see a round up for that in a few weeks.  And this little guy is so adorable.  I just had to do some fan art.

I wasn’t entirely happy with the proportions for my first attempt.

2019-11-29 11.39.45

My second attempt was better, but then I ruined it with the colours and colouring.

2019-11-29 11.39.56

My third attempt though was pretty perfect 🙂

2019-11-29 11.39.12

I shared him on all my social medias: DeviantArt, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  And of course I tagged the original artist.  They seem to like it.

2019-11-29 18.12.48

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