One of my lovely internet friends has made an unboxing video about me!  It’s the first unboxing video of my stuff, and I’m super happy.

You should go look at it.  Admire her lovely accent, and my adorable art.

Speaking of CrazyComicLady and adorable art, she does some too.  She does a comic, as if you couldn’t guess, over on her DeviantArt page – all about her adorable fairies characters.  Go read that too, because who doesn’t love fairies.

I’ve actually done fan art of one of CrazyComicLady’s fairies.  This is Portobello.

2019-10-12 12.22.34

I love her stripy socks.  I used washi tape for those, and for her outfit.  It was done during Washiween, but isn’t really Halloween themed.  Do you think it counts as a Washiween piece?

Portobello was created 5 years ago!

That baffles me.  That and all these 2009 vs 2019 posts that artists are making at the moment.  I don’t have any art from five years ago, let alone from 2009.  I only started drawing in 2017, and only started original stuff in 2018.  Madness.  Maybe I’ll do a 2018 vs 2028 post in 8 years.

See Colette, no one even noticed the massive smudge of marker ink on Portobello’s wing.

2019-10-11 21.27.43


Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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