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2 For 20 Before 20

What’s this?  A blog post with no pictures?  What on earth has happened to me?  There are no pictures because they aren’t really any needed.

I completed a couple of items on my 20 Before 20 list.  The first one is the first one: get blog up to date and a bit ahead.  I currently have all time-sensitive posts written and scheduled, if not already posted.  And I have about 15 other posts written and ready to go.

The second one is the 16th one: start sewing again.

When my Mum downsized her home earlier this year I acquired a bunch of her furniture.  To fit that stuff into my little flat I had to reorganise, and practically pack up everything that I own.  Some stuff got put in different cupboards, boxes were everywhere, and it has taken me months and months to sort things out.  There is still a lot that hasn’t been sorted yet.  So when I decided to make myself a new skirt for Christmas last week I wasn’t entirely sure where all the things I needed were.

I suspected they were in one of the couple of boxes on a table in my living room, where my sewing machine was.  I moved some stuff so that I could get to them, and I looked through them.  But I couldn’t find the paraphernalia that I needed.

The only other place they could have been were in one of the many boxes in my shed.  There are lots of boxes in there, and most of them contain stuff that I intend to donate to charity.  I got a friend to help me work out which boxes were things I wanted to keep, and to move those into my living room.

I sorted those out, and put lots of things away.  But I didn’t find the sewing machine paraphernalia.  I gave up on the idea of a new skirt, and settled on just repairing one that had some issues.  So I got out my sewing machine, and a box of stuff that held the power cable and pedal.

Guess what I found in that box.  Yep, the sewing machine paraphernalia I was looking for in the first place.  I don’t know how I missed them the first time.

At this point it was too late to make a new skirt – I had a party to attend in a couple of hours.  So I repaired the skirt anyway – the hem needed lifting, the waist needed tightening and rehemming.  I listened to some Christmas music, I sewed, and I wore my skirt to the party.

I think that probably counts.  I’m sewing again.  So two more items completed.  I don’t think I’m going to complete all 20, but having the list has helped.


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