It’s a Brand New Year

At the turn of each year I like to do a bit of a wrap up post. I’ve said before that New Year isn’t as important to me as Christmas – but my new boyfriend’s birthday is December 31st so that might change.

To be honest I can’t really tell you much about 2019 before September.  I know there was some family drama.  I know that I worked on improving my art skills.  I know that I was a vendor at some school summer fairs.  But I can’t tell you anything about my mood, or how I felt.

Since I met Tom at the start of September everything before has become a bit of a blur.  I know that before him I was lonely, and now I’m not.  Now I’m ridiculously loved up and positive and happy and hopeful.  He makes me feel like I have a future.

And he’s been extremely supportive with my art and my craft, and my blog and my store.  We’ve even done a collaboration.  Several actually, but you’ll hear about the others soon.

2019 wasn’t all about Tom.  I got to watch my niece and nephew grow even more into adorable, wonderful, entertaining children.  I got to watch my younger sister become even more of a brilliant mother.  I got to watch my youngest sister settle a little.  I got to watch my mum go through a couple of major surgeries and deal with it like a boss.  I got to create a deeper friendship with the artists I met on SamBeAwesome‘s Twitch streams.

I did have goals for the year.  I wanted my depression to stabilise a little, and it has.  I wanted my store to expand, and it has.  Not as much as I’d hoped, but it has.  Yesterday I received my first Etsy order from the Southern Hemisphere.

I set myself two challenges for 2019.  I wanted to draw 100 somethings, and after a poll, I settled on robots.  I have absolutely loved drawing robots.  I have drawn more than 100 of them, and plan on continuing to draw them because robots are awesome.  There is a blog post due about that challenge later in January.

My second challenge was to read at least one book a week.  And I smashed that as well – with the help of audio books.  What a genius invention!

Going into 2020 I have the same hopes as I usually do.  For my depression/health to improve, to stay loved up, for my family to be safe and happy, for my store to expand, and for my craft skills to expand.  I do have more detailed plans, which you can read about in my last post.

What would you like to see from me this year?  Any changes to the site, or my store?  Any additions?  Any collaborations you’d like to see me do, or artists/crafters to work with?

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all the best for 2020.

Because this is the third post in a row with no pictures, here’s my Instagram Top Nine.

2019-12-30 17.45.18

Author: Colette Horsburgh

A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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