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Using My Instagram Palette

Last week, Kasey Golden on YouTube posted a video where she used her Instagram colour palette to draw with.

Of course I had to copy her.  So I popped off to the generator she used, ColorKuler.  I was half expecting my palette to be a rainbow, so at first I was a little shocked by these muted tones.

2019-12-28 20.00.09

But I suppose it was influenced by my many many robots.

As for what to draw, I’ve been doing lots of chibis recently.  And I was inspired by the beautiful dress on this drawing of the goddess Artemis by Naomi Lord.

After I’d finished sketching I realised that my girl was going to look a little anemic since there’s no flesh colour in my palette really, but I think she looks pretty good.


Obviously I cheated a little when it came to the hue of the background, but we’ll pretend we didn’t notice that.

I’m really happy with the detail on her outfit and accessories.  I need to do more intricate stuff in my art.  And I’m super happy with how she looks because it was all done digitally.  I did use a chibi pose reference from Pinterest, but other than that it’s all me.  Don’t ya just love seeing your skills improve?

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