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Christmas Haul

I promised you all a haul post of my Christmas presents, and I think we’re overdue for a picture heavy post.  So here we go.

First off, it’s not technically an art or craft supply, but it’s adorable and very useful.  Tom got me a unicorn lap desk.

I show you the cushiony bit because most of the following pictures have it as a background and I wouldn’t want you to wonder where my scruffy desktop went.

I got a unicorn 3D puzzle kit, which I have already completed.

I got a Superman “Lego” thing, which I have already completed.  Not pictured is a massive box of just basic Lego bricks that I also got.

I got a unicorn felt kit, which I have already completed.

I got three colouring books, which I have not completed, but I have started.

I got a unicorn sticker mosaic book, which I have started.  Can you tell I like unicorns?

2019-12-25 12.13.44

I got some tube watercolours, and some iridescent watercolours, which I have already started playing with.

As well as a 3 pack of watercolour sketchbooks, which was perfectly timed because I only have one or two pages left of my last 3 pack.

2019-12-25 12.15.27

I got a Star Wars crochet kit, which I have started…

2019-12-25 12.15.41

…and a needle felting kit that I have not started.

2019-12-25 12.15.53

I got a freaking set of Copic Ciao markers!  I have been using these since almost the second I got them.

I got some absolutely gorgeous Desert Bus special yarn by Schmutzerella yarns.

2019-12-25 12.17.37

I got some washi tapes, which takes my collection from a bazillion to a bazillion and a bit more.

I got lots of little bits and pieces including a funky double notebook, 2 matching pouches, a tiny notepad, 2 erasable pens, 2 massive scented highlighters, two sets of stickers (more unicorns!), and some UV resin.

And from my mother I received a big bag with a mix of new/secondhand craft supplies…

2019-12-25 10.04.18

…which included lots of stamps…

…and some acrylic stamp blocks…

2019-12-25 12.24.35

…and some stamp/cutting dies/embossing folder sets…

2019-12-25 12.25.14

…as well as a punch and bits…

2019-12-25 12.26.03

…some papers…

2019-12-25 12.27.57

…a box of sparklies…

2019-12-25 12.28.34

…and some miscellaneous bits…

2019-12-25 12.26.57

…that included the world’s ugliest ribbon, which isn’t actually that bad once it’s unspooled.

So yeah, I just got a few bits 🙂

Wanna take a guess at how many of these will reappear in blog posts?

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