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December Scrawlr Box

In my post about November’s Scrawlr Box the other day I said this:

Some boxes contain supplies that I know how to use and I’m super excited about, and they get completed within hours of me opening the box.  Some contain supplies I’m not so sure about, and tend to get set aside for a while.

November’s box was the second type.  December’s box was the first.

2019-12-20 14.21.44

I’m not sure if the two stickers was deliberate, but bonus anyway.  And the ruler is solid copper and it is freaking awesome!

Step one: swatching.

2019-12-20 14.26.58

Step two: follow the theme of “Squared Away” and do a grid of random doodled patterns.

2019-12-20 14.43.26

Step three: marvel at the shine!

2019-12-20 14.43.36

Step four: draw random monster.  Because monsters.

2019-12-20 20.28.21

The featured artist by the way is Mirela Duta.  Very funky.

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