Bonus Halloween Zentangle

In October, for my 13 Days of Halloween series, I did a piece of art using the 2019 Inktober Tangles challenge.

20191028 - 01

As I mentioned in that post, there were a few patterns that I felt didn’t get a proper chance in the tiny space they were used for.  I wanted to take them away and do a proper piece with them.  And so I did.

The first one was DreamDex – which was used in the rightmost ghost..  Here are the steps I found with a Google search.

2019-10-28 20.14.11

I did this one in classic black ink, on a square page, and I really like how it looks.

2019-11-03 03.02.40

The next pattern, Ratoon, is what I used for the left most witch.  Google lead me to these steps:


I wasn’t sure how to repeat this one, so I just did a simple piece.

2020-01-03 15.11.56

Here’s Well Well Who, from the middle gravestone.

2019-10-28 20.16.12

I did an instance of this one, in sparkly glittery pink…

2019-11-03 01.22.18

…then decided to expand it to a full piece.  With a colour block background because I thought more pattern would have been too much.

Nik, used for the witch in the air, presented me with a bit more trouble.  It looks simple enough.

Zentangle pattern: Nik.

But doing it freehand looked too messy.

2020-01-03 15.08.48

Using a ruler looked… weird.

2020-01-03 15.10.35

I did get something semi-decent in the end though.

2020-01-03 15.10.42

I do like learning new tangles.  I have a whole folder on my computer of tangles to try out.  Which I will maybe possibly get to one day maybe.




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A 30-something creator/baker/writer/artist/crafter living with several (but not enough) scatty animals.

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