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Changing Skirts

Last year I was inspired by this image I found on Pinterest.

I wanted to do my own version, in a drawing.  I did the skirt in pastels, but ultimately wasn’t very happy with it.

2019-08-31 07.41.22

I didn’t have a great selection of pastel markers at the time, and it wasn’t exectuted very well.  I decided that instead of redoing the entire piece, I’d just make a new skirt and stick it over the top.

Unfortunately I had made this difficult on myself by having her tiny hands overlapping the skirt.  So I (very poorly) cut them out to slip a new skirt underneath.

2019-09-06 21.19.31

But then I couldn’t decide whether to redo the rainbow skirt, or to do a galaxy one.  So I did both!

“Why not both?” is an awesome way to approach indecision.  And now she has three outfits instead of one 🙂

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