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Shiny Paint

For Christmas I got quite a few new paints to play with.  Including these absolutely beautiful iridescent ones.

2019-12-25 12.17.24

When you initially swatch them the shimmer is visible, but not really photographable.

2019-12-28 13.37.20

Until you tilt the page a little.  Look at that shine!

2019-12-28 14.27.10

I did a few experiments:

2020-01-05 14.15.34

Including mixing them with normal paints to see how that worked.

I had a failed attempt at doing some Aurora Borealis inspired art.

And, after watching Nina do some absolutely beautiful things with metallic paints on her Twitch stream, I tested them on black.  They didn’t work out too well.

2020-01-03 21.51.11

Finally I did some actual art.  Starting with this shiny shiny mermaid.

And then I couldn’t have a rainbow of shiny paint in front of me without doing a unicorn, could I?

Iridescent watercolours are awesome, and I’m looking forward to doing more with them.  But this brand at least are quite opaque, so I’m not sure how much they’re actually watercolour.  Still, shiny and pretty.

Plus, they make the paint water very awesome.  Sparkly swirly hypnoticness.

2019-12-28 13.37.11

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